About AGB Media LLC
We’re just a bunch of guys too ugly for TV, so we have to stick to audio work ...
Greg Bell is currently host and program director of RadioClassics Sirius XM Channel 148 and and the host of When Radio Was, a syndicated old-time radio show on 200+ stations.

If you’re looking for a nationally-recognized voice to enhance your project, Greg’s the man for the job. He’s also a fairly talented writer (but don’t let him know I said that), so if you want some witty copy written, he can do that too.
Bart Taylor has over 30 years experience as a production engineer and on-air personality. Consequently, he really isn’t fit for anything else, so please throw him a bone. Currently a Production Director for Sirius XM Satellite Radio, Bart has worked in several major markets during his career in the radio business, including Houston and New Orleans, before moving to Washington, D.C., to assume the duties of Audio Animator. Along with Greg Bell, he helped develop satellite radio's first old-time radio program.

Bart won a New York Festival Award for producing a Buddy Holly special in 2003, and also captured an AIR award for best commercial in Houston in the early 1990s. Every Fourth of July, you may hear some of the music soundtracks that Bart compiles for 22 Texas cities and towns during their fireworks shows. (Now he’s just showing off, really, isn’t he?)
Andrew Randall – Serial entrepreneur, newspaper-trained writer and editor, imdb.com-credited script consultant, screenwriter, novelist, on camera and voice-over talent, audio book producer, wannabe songwriter, and master accountant and logistician.

Andrew’s the go-to guy to get anything and everything done, from making vegan soap (don’t ask) to, obviously, producing outstanding audio products of all kinds. (No, really, he’s actually very good at this stuff, despite being British.)
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